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Elementi | Snaidero Design
The name Elementi resumes its design contents—the natural elements being represented by the main 4 materials of the project: stone (ceramic), glass, aluminum and wood. Elementi allows to compose monoliths, made precious by absolutely exclusive materials and a unique sign. The sign of the water that wears the stone, of a crack in the rock, of a blade of light in the dark. A cut on the door is in fact the hallmark of Elementi, an aesthetic, but at the same time functional solution that characterizes the environment. GROOVE is the new framed door with a handle profile integrated in the unique inclined shape of the door itself.
Vision | Pininfarina Design
A simple gesture, a beautiful sensation. The fluid lines of Vision evoke person-centered ergonomics, pure emotion. Its soft outline reveals personality in the interflow of perfect, symmetrical geometries, evoking a primordial image of shelter. The design encapsulates the modern urge for fluid domestic spaces, with surfaces that flow and materials that immediately convey passion and purity. The interaction between volumes and surfaces finds its unquestionable distinctive mark in the vision design. The Vision Kitchen features a door with a 30° beveled edge integrating a black aluminum trim-handle with knurling detail. The distinct geometry of the door creates symmetries and an interplay of features that result in a strong identity.
Ola | Pininfarina Design
Ola is a formal synthesis of fluid movement and soft, curved lines; bringing evolved, ergonomic and luxurious dynamics to the home. The design of the island and peninsula leg support, is a trademark of the Pininfarina style,
Link | Andreucci & Hoisl Design
Dedicated to those who feel ready for a revolution of the traditional idea of home space: LINK in one word is connection. Definitely minimal, Link is able to suit all tastes and styles thanks to the large number of available materials: from the traditional t the most glamorous ones. Extremely contemporary style combined with a personal user’s touch.
Way | Snaidero Design
Way is a modern kitchen design with a rigorous architectural style and very clean aesthetics. Way represents a pure and clear-cut architectural design. The fusion of volumes and the modularity of the units are enhanced by an apparent simplicity which is built on careful attention to detail.
Way Materia | Snaidero Design
Way Materia is the evolution of Way concept, focused on pure lines and clean design, aiming at enhancing the materials, such as ceramic and glass. Way chooses the Laminam ceramic to cover with an authentic architectural skin the household surfaces. The Laminam ceramic fronts feature large porcelain stoneware surfaces in just 3 mm thickness. A technologically innovative solution which provides superior resistance and sophisticated aesthetics. The glass solution used for Snaidero doors is 4 mm thick safety glass mounted onto a strong and light aluminum frame. The result is a lightweight and extremely stable door. It should be mentioned that differently from other materials that swell, rust or deteriorate, blast will not deform.
Rialto Showcase Units
Sophisticated, elegant and enhanced by aesthetic and functional solutions designed to favor harmonious and light architecture of pure contamination with the living area. Today’s kitchen is the real star of the house with display case container units forming part of solutions increasingly geared towards flexibility and stylistic research, which can create an effect of variety and movement within the composition. Snaidero’s Rialto Showcase Units are not just cabinetry, but a very complex synthesis of technological and stylistic research taken beyond its limits. Our 4mm smoked black tempered glass allows to maintain transparency and elegancy, while the black anodized aluminum frame with a sloping profile grants a seamless and handle-less opening solution. Furthermore, the option of returning the glass façade to the side of the cabinet maximizes transparency while maintaining a continuous, harmonious slanguage between design elements within the kitchen
Frame | Massimo Iosa Ghini Design
A project with a classic cord reworked with a contemporary twist, achieved by a framed door featuring a groove opening which exudes a sharp, clean silhouette and timeless appeal.
Kelly | Massimo Iosa Ghini Design
Kelly is a cabinetry line for homeowners who like modern kitchen design but have a taste for the “old fashioned” and more ornate details. The framed door with integrated channeled ledges is clean-cut and chiseled, whilst the precious corner decorations hark back to the work of skilled craftsmen from olden times.
Opera | michele marcon design
The dramatic volumes of the kitchen become part of the architectural design, making space the protagonist. Elegant and refined atmospheres. The Opera kitchen is a classic. A kitchen inspired by the passion for materials, the love for construction accuracy and simplicity, and a strong sense of proportions.
Look | Michele Marcon Design
A kitchen characterized by standout volumes and simple lines, thanks to cabinets of different depths and heights where recessed channels replace the handles. Built around the concept of customization, Look features many modular elements that let you organize the kitchen space the way you want it, tailoring it to fit your needs.
Loft | Michele Marcon Design
Loft is the expression of the latest “urban” trends; those coming from the industrial metropolitan world, those tied to old-time lofts where the raw materials, starting from wood, the metals oxidized by time and the big shelves are the most tangible signs of a recent past that resurfaces today more contemporary than ever.
Snaidero Logo

Snaidero is the leading Italian manufacturer and distributor of fitted kitchens in Europe. Snaidero has been committed to the production and installation of tailor-made luxury kitchen designs for over 75 years. Snaidero’s success lies in its never-ending quest for excellence through beauty and good workmanship.

Snaidero’s 50 years of partnerships with leading Italian designers have resulted in the development of kitchens that bear both an exclusive signature style and innovative functions. The Good Design Award, run by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architectural and Design, is the most prestigious award in the world for new products that stand out for their exceptional design, functionality and aesthetics. Twelve Snaidero kitchens have received this award.

“For 75 years, Snaidero has been an outstanding made in Italy company rooted in craftmanship and all-Italian passion for design. Our kitchen, which are exported all over the world, are unique products that combine functionality and sustainability, made with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials. Snaidero’s mission is to blend design, uniqueness and style in order to offer our customers a kitchen product that is increasingly able to meet their needs and requirements.”

At Snaidero, we believe that you are only as strong as the work you produce. Quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service is paramount to a successful business, therefore all Snaidero cabinetry is built to surpass our impressive 10-year warranty.

Our 10 year product warranty is an additional service that Snaidero can offer because of its more than 70 years of experience which makes us absolutely confident of the quality of the materials as well as that of our quality system.

Quality is not just a word for Snaidero: it is a value. We see sustainable growth as an opportunity rather than a restriction. The opportunity to provide for the needs of the present without compromising the possibility of future generations to do the same. This why we work hard every day to look beyond standards and certifications, making sure our decisions improve the quality of life in the home.

More than 50 years of international experience and a commercial presence in over 80 countries worldwide: thanks to exceptional collaboration between developers, architects and interior designers, the Snaidero contract division is one of the most desirable partners in haute living contract projects at all latitudes.

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