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HenryGlass is an all Italian glass door production company based in Mansuè, in the province of Treviso, a city of art and glass heritage. HenryGlass was born just as an idea, a vision in 1988, to revive the charm of Murano glass in the world of contemporary design and architecture. An aspiration that Henry glass every day has turned into mission, capturing the secrets of the craft skills developed over centuries by Venetian masters, to place them at the service of the most innovative industrial techniques. This approach to art and the pursuit of beauty has led to a real and recognizable style, today materialized by unique products: not simple glass doors, but the emotion of glass transformed in doors.
In the Research & Development department, new furniture ideas and solutions take shape and are put to the test: this is where technological innovations are combined with experience and tradition, all in the name of quality. From production lines to stock management, Novamobili employs innovative technologies, enabling the company to offer an exceptional level of productivity - capable of meeting any demand - while also providing the option of custom-made systems, with fast turnaround times.
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